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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally without Medications

Zona Plus Series 2

The original powerful medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure. Put the Zona Plus to the test with our 90-Day-Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Price:         £299

Zona Plus Series 3

A powerful new medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure. Build on the proven Zona Plus Therapy, the new Zona plus offers many new featuers that improve your experience.

Price:         £449

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our payment plan allows you to make monthly payments using your own credit card - with 0% APR and no interest charges from us! The payment plan includes an initial down payment of £75.00 plus tax and shipping charges, charged when your order is shipped. Then your credit card will be billed monthly installments of £75.00 beginning approximately one month from the date your order is shipped.

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Zona Plus Series 2

Zona Plus Series 3

Proven to lower blood pressure
90 Day Trial
Color Display
Black & White Display
Toll Free Customer Service
Tracks Your Usage
Displays Use History, last week and last 12 weeks
User Replaceable Battery (CR123)
Rechargable Battery
English Display
User Electable Language - English or German
2 Users Option
Zona Therapy Website Access
Unlimited History, Track and Chart Usage
Track Your Blood Pressure
Free Firmware Updates
Change Volume, Brightness
Share Data with Friends or Doctor
Reminder Alarms